Celine Dion’s statement 5 years after her husband’s death

Celine Dion has always been our favorite of all times, even if you don’t love her you can agree that she has maintained a successful career over the years and a happy home also.

Life hasn’t been so fair for Celine Dion as she has encountered much tragedy and one of them is losing her husband. She lost her husband to cancer in 2016 and hopefully, she moved on with her kids.

Celine Dion was born in Canada on March 30, 1968. She had a big family, having 13 siblings and her parents were musicians. Celine Dion played the piano in the family’s piano bar.

While growing up Celine Dion was always insecure because of the way her teeth looked and she didn’t have friends at school and was always alone.

At the age of twelve, Celine’s parents knew she was talented and sent a demo tape to producer and manager Rene Angelil. 

The manager was amazed at the song and Celine sang the song in his front, and he knew that Celine Dion will soon be in the spotlight.

She didn’t get to the Spotlight so fast, she was internationally known as she represented Switzerland at Eurovision in 1988. She became an artist with a best-selling record thereafter. She won a Grammy award, Oscar, and other numerous awards.

Celine Dion and Rene were getting something started behind the cameras and it wasn’t long before we realized that they began dating in 1987 and got engaged in 1991.

In 2001, they welcomed their first son and named him Rene Charles Angelil. They tried to have more kids, but it was found that Rene was suffering from cancer barely 21 years after their marriage.

The doctors couldn’t save him and that’s how Rene was lost to the cold hands of death. After losing her husband, Celine also lost her brother to cancer. This was certainly one of the most difficult and tasking moments of her life.

Over the years, Celine managed to get over her loss and wants to start a music tour. A tournament was planned already but was postponed due to the covid pandemic.

Recently, Celine talked about life without Rene and she misses him a lot. She also said she’s not ready for a new relationship even though she misses having a partner, with whom she can share everything.

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