The life of Mimi Swift

Life is the second name of ups and downs. Our life travels around the circle of success and failure. But sometimes life may turn into success and amaze you. Mostly every celebrity has faced failure before success and didn’t get the success at once.

Everyone knows Mimi swift. She was born in Scotland and spent all her childhood shifting from one orphanage to another. She believed that her rough childhood would follow the upcoming years of her life took.

Wikipedia Commons / Alan Light

The most popular singing couple Roy Rogers and Dale Evans spotted the young girl of 13 years. The couple visited an orphanage where they found Mimi singing the song “want you to buy my pretty flowers”.

The couple was about to go back to California but they decided to adopt Mimi. They got her custody after all the documentation process. The couple had incredible human qualities. They changed the life of many people and adopted 4 children including Mimi.

Wikipedia Commons / Joseph Kane

The couple had their daughter name Robin who died before her second birthday due to the disease down syndrome. Mimi revealed that her adoptive parents always used to encourage her to meet her biological parents and relatives who were in Scotland.

Mimi described the celebrity couple as wonderful human beings. “When we were in the house we were just a family, they were not Roy Rangers and Dale Evans, they were mum and dad “.


Whenever the couple was on tour Roy always visited children’s orphanages and hospitals. Mimi said “I was not a cute little five or six years old, I was 13,” she said. “I figured it wasn’t going to happen.”. But thinking about nothing Mimi decided to go to California with them.

Mimi was not an orphan but her parents had a divorce and non of them was able to make a home for their four children.

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