Drum star Phil Collins

Phil Collins is a superstar and Is popular as a drum star and singer. All his songs got fame including “you can’t hurry love” and “The air tonight”. Now Phil is at the age of 70 and is one of the legendary singers.

Speaking to BBC news Phill revealed about his health that he can hardly hold a drum stick. Phill Collins spent all his life in music. He was introduced to many musical instruments when he was a child.


Therefore when he grew up music was the only thing that mattered to him. Phil had many hits for which he received awards. He has God gifted talent for singing and playing drums at the same time.

Phill Collins was born in 1951 on 30th January. House of Phill always remained full of talent. His sister was an Ice skater and his older brother was a cartoonist. But Phil personally never enjoyed cartoon making and ice skating.

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Phil Collins turned to music, and especially the drum

At the age of 3, Phill was given a drum and when he was five, his uncle gifted him a drum kit that could be easily be carried in a suitcase.

Phill told “The old cliche is “well, at least it, will keep him quiet. Phill told in an interview “when I started playing seriously, the English beat things were just happening, the shadows and bands like that.

It was the very early 60s”, he recalled. “I remem­ber buying Please Please Me. I used to put the record player on very loud and set up my drums so I was facing the mirror, that way you don’t look at what you’re doing.

“Then when I was fourteen I went to a teacher to learn to read drum music. I figured when this rock-and-roll thing finished I would have to make a living playing in a dance band or in an orchestra pit.

So I learned to read drum music, but I found that my capacity for reading was not anywhere near as good as actually playing by instinct.”

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