Cheating is a stab to loyalty

Loyalty is a rare quality.

Love is loyal and understanding. Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world, especially with someone you can proudly call yours and not belong to all.

One of the main threats to relationships is cheating. In one way or the other we have come across people who stabbed us emotionally; they cheated.


Life can be so ironic and hurtful at times. You see someone who is so loyal down to earth, falling in love with someone who takes cheating as a tradition.

Cheating is a deliberate act; it is not like a rape incidence or robbery; it is fore planned.

The most annoying part of cheating is the culprits tagging them as the devils’ handiwork. The devil never pushes one into cheating; you planned it all yourself, so why involving the devil.

I have seen people who never gave love a chance because of someone they trusted with their whole being and stabbed their loyalty.

It is often underrated unless it happens to you. You can never cheat on someone you love. Cheating has broken many homes and many relationships.

It seems so funny as you can never be with someone you cheated on your partner with; at the end of the day, you still come back to your partners asking for love and forgiveness. So why cheat?

Cheating is a threat to loyalty and emotional stress to someone. It can bring a  once happy and lively relationship to a stop. Some partners try to settle their differences and move on amid what has happened, but it doesn’t change that you are not loyal, and you have broken your partner’s trust forever.

Cheating has many consequences than the pleasure you gain from doing so, in essence, be a loyal partner.   

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