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New month, new chapter, new page and new wishes

Each new month comes with a lot of surprises and packages; some can be pleasant and awful, but no matter what, we should always thank God for seeing a new month.

New Month

No one knows what might happen next. Some people started the journey towards a new moth with us, but they couldn’t make it. They left when we least expected it.

New Chapter

A new month is like a new chapter of our life, filled with new wishes and blessings.  A new month is like a new page of our life. Our past isn’t reflected in it; it is an opportunity to make amends to whatever that might have happened in the past.

We shouldn’t let the past have a say in our present. Forget the past and work towards creating a page filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment.

New Page

A new month comes with a blank page, and all that matters is what we write in it. We should work towards creating a meaningful story in this new book.

 We should make it worth reading and keeping. Whatever issues the previous months brought is in the past; brace up and hope for the better.

 After rain comes sunshine, June is a shinny month for you, and you should take up the challenge of making it the best.  

New wishes

May this new month give us the courage to face the challenges and storms life will bring. May it give us the strength to overcome and triumph over all thorns we might meet in our journey of life.

May every day in June fill your days with hope, love, sunshine, and energy. Let there be joy, fun, and laughter.

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