God, please protect my loved ones

Each day I wake up; I always kneel to ask God, for one thing, to protect my loved ones.

A new day always comes with its surprises and storms. Some get swallowed up by the storms and don’t get to see the dawn of another day. Life is a mystery, and no one knows what it might bring the next month.

I always beg God to protect my loved ones and keep them safe. I know someday the inevitable will happen. We can’t change the decision of nature most times; I know eventually I will wake up realizing that they are gone.

It is a hard pill to swallow, but I know one day that we are all going to face the loss of a loved one. We will wake up and realize that we can only see them in our dreams and memories.

Life is as swift as a wing; it only goes away when we seem to enjoy it most. I know waking up each day to find them around me is a blessing; this is why I always thank God for the life he has given unto I and my loved ones.

There have been times in my life; I felt like it was my end, but God was always there to guide me in each critical step I took.

God’s mercy endures forever. He helps me through difficult times and protects my loved ones. I feel so unworthy of your love and protection. I will always praise him because he has done for me what no one else could do.

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