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I appreciate my past

Our past, no matter how ugly it is, has its say in the present and the future.

Each step we take in life is like leaving a footprint in the sands of time. It might be ugly or beautiful, and worth leaving, nevertheless, there is still something people will hold onto about you.

Many people might tell you never to mind your past because it is in the bygone and face the present, but have you forgotten that time flies? The present will also become the past; even the future we dream of will one day also be in the past.

Time controls everything. We should make the best out of every moment we have. Life comes with its pains, experiences, struggles, challenges, and all worth not.

Experiences though it is in the past, help to shape our future and present into a beautiful story that is if one minds it.

We seem to neglect the past and the lessons it carries, believing the future is better. The future will always be what we make out of it now. It can’t just be beautiful if we don’t take up the experiences and lessons learned so far into shaping it to how we want it.

I will always appreciate my past because of all the lessons, pains, hurts, anger, and other bullshit I went through. It made me wiser and stronger; it is great having you in my life.

Dear past, I have to move on now, thanks for everything.    

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