Cherish your father

We often seem to neglect the diamonds in our lives and go after stones. We don’t know the worth of what we have until we lose it.

One of the greatest heartaches I ever suffered is coming home to meet your vacant seat.

I thought you would live longer than expected. On coming home that hot afternoon to see a crowd in my house, I thought it was nothing extraordinary until I saw Mom surrounded by some women holding her as she cried.

I looked at your sit, and no one was there; many thoughts kept running through my mind. I stood still transfixed to a spot, trying to decipher what was going on. My mom saw me and wailed the more; she said my father was gone.

Time froze, I didn’t know if I was still breathing. I couldn’t understand what was happening around me. I felt like a great force left my body, and the wind took that as an advantage to move to a direction where all I saw was darkness.

I was still walking towards the darkness until I heard Mom calling me. I wanted to continue my journey until I saw her wailing the more. I turned back and started running towards her.

I woke up in a hospital; I was gone for days. I saw my mom and siblings without seeing my dad. My mom was wearing mourning clothes; it dawned on me that my father was gone and gone forever. I thought it was all a dream.

Why is death so cruel? He took my best friend when I needed him most. I cried because I know I will never be able to hear his voice again, sit with him, and smile. It is all in the past. I have only memories to hold.

Cherish your dad every moment of your life; you can never know what will happen next.    

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