Daily Quotes

Go to bed with a grateful heart

Life gets heavy for all of us at times, but that doesn’t mean the end. God gives us trails throughout our lives to make us stronger and to learn to appreciate our great blessings.

Even though life is weighing you down at this moment, doesn’t mean things won’t get better soon. Keep your trust and faith in God. He sees what you are dealing with, He listens to your prayers. Realize at this moment, the only reason you’ve come this far is through His grace. He is giving you strength to keep going. Always end your day with prayer, give God your worries and thank him for each blessing. When we take time to learn to let go of what’s worrying us, and focus on all the good in your life, we begin to realize how blessed we truly are. We all have so much to be grateful for! Just getting through another is a blessing. Let’s be grateful to God for all He is doing in our lives. Give Him your worries tonight and He will give you peace. Amen

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