Childhood sweethearts finally tie the knot after 20 years

When we were younger we always had our childhood heartthrobs and even though we didn’t know what marriage was or what adulthood was, all that we knew is that we wanted to spend the rest of our life with them just like our parents.

Most people grew up to call it one of those childhood fantasies, but for Matt Grodsky it wasn’t so. At the age of 3, he publicly announced in his preschool that he was going to marry Laura, his childhood sweetheart.

The duo first met in their school, Phoenix, Arizona and it was love at first sight. They were soulmates and did everything together, whoever saw them always called them the cutest couple.

“We have very fond memories of each other. Matt reciting movie lines and scenes from “The Lion King,” Laura teaching Matt how to draw and swing. We went on playdates to each other’s houses and movies with our parents,” said the couple, as per Obsev.

Their parents knew of their friendship and they could always hang out during the weekends. At first, they all felt it was childhood love, but so many years have passed and they proved all their assumptions wrong.

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“One of my very first memories is of being 3 years old and standing up in front of my preschool class, declaring that I would marry her someday,” Matt told PEOPLE.

This declaration left his classmates laughing and many taught it was puppy love.

The couple parted ways and never met up with each other again, they only communicated through Christmas cards both families sent each other.

They reunited during high school only to be separated once again at college. Matt went to Columbia College Chicago, while Laura attended Northern Arizona University which was over 1500 miles distant.

They decided to try a long-distance relationship and fix up a time they can be meeting in the long run and it was working perfectly for them.

Matt had bigger plans for Laura and when he was in his senior year he called Laura to meet him up in their preschool where their love all began.

Matt first asked for her dad’s blessings and had a family member secretly capture the moment, before he got on his knee and popped the big question.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, is this happening?’” Laura said. “I saw the ring and was like, “This is gorgeous. I’m so happy with it.’”

The childhood sweethearts got married on December 30, 2016.

Grodsky’s uncle, who officiated the marriage, said: “For most kids in preschool, it’s about finding your snacks and your sleeping mats, but for them it was about finding their soulmates.”

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