Gabourey Sidibe’s life today

Gabourey Sidibe turned into a movie star 10 years and ever since then has been living her best life.

The award-winning star is best known as Precious in the award-winning movie ”Precious.”

Gabby was born in Brooklyn, New York on May 6, 1983. Her father was a cab driver while her mother worked as a street performer and singer.


Her parents divorced at a young age and she has to live in Harlem during her childhood. At a young age, she never saw herself acting and it was a surprise that she later went into the industry.

“Gabby would say, ‘No, I’m gonna be a comedian,’” her mom told US Magazine in 2010.

As a child, she starred in so many plays, and could always watch her mom perform in the streets and she knew she didn’t want that kind of life for herself as her mom was struggling financially.

Gabby was always teased about her looks and while in college she never got any attention, unlike her friends.

She found her inspiration in plus-sized actress and comedian Mo’Nique.

“I always thought she was really funny, but also she’s very confident in the way she looks, and that’s what I prayed about,” she explained in an interview with the NY Times.

“At that time in my life, I wanted to be everybody else, but I wanted to want to be Gabby.”

She worked as a receptionist to be able to pay her college tuition at Mercy College, where she pursued a degree in psychology. While studying for her college exams, she got a Phone call that changed her life forever.

There was an empty role in Lee Daniel’s upcoming movie Precious (2009), and her friend called her to audition for it.

She got the book Push, a novel on which the movie was based.

“I read the book, and I gave it to Gabby,” mother Alice said. “Her friends encouraged her to try out for ‘Precious,’ and she got it.”

Going for the auditions meant Gabby skipping school, and she wasn’t so sure of getting the role, but in the end, it was a huge success.

Gabby delivered a great presentation that one will never believe was her first time. “She’s way smarter than me, way, way smarter than me, and most of the actors I’ve worked with,” Daniels told the New York Times. “I love her with all my soul.”

Gabby got into the spotlight like a flash and there has been a lot going on in her life in the past few years. Recently she embarked on a weight loss program and she’s doing so great.

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