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Daughters are princess

In the African setting, the role of a girl in society is often undermined. They seem to be out of the nation and not recognized at all.

Many regard them as the weaker and most unsafe sex. Some say they have nothing to offer. Partly, these can be meant as accurate, like most CEO, Presidents, and many people that matter all come from the male gender.

Ladies have risen to change this system, but it all looks like few that got to the end of it.

Society neglects female opinions. They feel like men should always come first, which is wrong. Everyone should have the right to air their views, not minding the gender.

From the beginning of history, women have always been abused, continuously abused, and the society still tags it that it is their fault. They are weak.    

Why won’t you classify them as weak, while what they do is respect you, they aren’t vulnerable to retaliate, it is just in their nature to be compassionate. Stories have been seen where women killed their husbands, not like I am supporting the act, but there was an action that triggered it. You might have pushed her so hard to the extent that she can’t breathe.

Women are flesh and blood that came through someone; they are the daughters of a man and should be treated as such. They should be treated with respect and dignity because you can never survive what she goes through in her lifetime.

She plays the role of a mother, a cook, a teacher, a doctor, and all whatnot. They are the real queens. They should be accorded with respect, just like the opposite gender. A daughter is her father’s princess. You can never see the violent nature of a man until you harm his daughter.  

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