It takes someone special to be called a Dad

Someone asked me to define who a selfless hero is; it was no other person than my Dad. He is my comforter and strength in trying times. A man can be a father, but it takes some special to be called a Dad.

Sometimes, we see fathers playing the role of only paying the children’s school fees, providing their school needs, without keeping their emotional needs in check. A father can do all these, but it takes a Daddy to do more. The child’s training is the responsibility of every parent; this responsibility is, at times, left for only the mother. The father seems concentrated in packing up wealth for their children, forgetting it is all vanity. A day that wealth will go, but the lousy legacy you left behind will always be there until humans cease to exist. On the last day, you will be asked to give an account of what you did with the humans’ God entrusted in your care. If you want to invest in life, invest in your children, not just the monetary aspect, the spiritual and emotional point is inclusive. A father can take care of your monetary needs but will not be there to take up your spiritual and emotional needs. A Dad will always be there for you throughout the stages of your life. He will create an inseparable bond between the both of you that no matter how far you are. Daddies are strong, and they are the best.

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