Daily Quotes

Never underestimate the power of prayer, faith, and Love

Things also have a way of working out. Every little effort we put into things also has a yield.

Never underestimate the power of believing in yourself. Have faith and think that everything could go on. Every individual has the right to form the power of their own positive belief.

If you believe that things will always go wrong, it will. Always vision positivity and accept everything life ever throws as a lesson. Believe stimulates power within you. You envision your success and work things making it happen.

Surrounding oneself with negativity will lower your zeal and ambition. It won’t help in any way. Never underestimate the power of Love and prayer also. I believe prayer is the key to many locked doors and chains. It can free one from bondage.

Prayer is the means through which we communicate with God. God can never forsake you if you ask him. He is always there with us every step we take in our life, in order not to dash our foot against a stone.

The greatest of everything is Love. It is the greatest commandment of God. Love can go a long way in making things work out for you. Always helping and showing Love to people without expecting anything in return can go a long way speaking of you and your personality.

You can never tell what will happen in the future. Your helper might be someone you have shown Love and care to in the past or someone who might have heard how wonderful you are. The person won’t hesitate to help out in ways they can. The power of Love, faith, and prayer has its way of making things work. Never relent, believe.

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