My mom is perfect

If I was ever asked someone I wish could live forever, and never move an inch from my side; it could be my mom.

Mom you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. If the word perfect and virtuous was a person; it will be no other person than you mom. How you handle matters and issues have made me declare you as perfect.

I count myself so lucky to have you as a mother. You have been my greatest fan and motivator from childhood. You took on both the role of a father and mother, after dad left. You never talked bad of him leaving us for his second family.

You made us not to hate him for leaving us at the early stages of our lives. You took the roles confidently and flawlessly. You still had your own scares but you were happy so we could have happiness. You are the strongest person I know.

Mom, your good deeds will always speak of you. You are an angel in human form. I never knew a fairy will live amongst humans until I grew to understand you. Growing up was really tough for us but you always have your way of pulling through. You are my superwoman.

The trainings you subjected us to when we were growing up never left my side. I have become a responsible person; all are your doing. Growing up, I thought it was wickedness and you didn’t allow us to enjoy childhood.

I understand better now, you were just looking out for us. You never spared the rod; if not we could have been spoilt. You are my role model and mentor.

My best friend who I will always confide in. I felt it was normal to be best friends with your mother, until I started having friends. Some have no close relationship with their mothers.

I love you so much for creating a great bond between us. I can’t end my day without hearing your voice or telling you how my day went. I love you so much mom; you are perfect for me.

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