Deana Martin reveals the truth about his own daughter

Dean Martin has always been my favorite entertainer and dancer. His talent was second to none so it wasn’t any news that he got so famous.

Dean Martin grew up in Steubenville, Ohio. His parents were of Italian origin. His mother was Italian American and worked as a seamstress and a cook while his father was a barber.

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Dean couldn’t speak English at the age of 5 as Italian was his mother’s tongue. When he finally learned how to speak English he was often mocked for his heavy Italian accent.

Dean left school to work as a Steel mill hand where someone pointed out that he has a nice voice. He met the legendary Jerry Lewis during one of his performances in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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The pair made a great team and became a big force in the comedy world. “Who were Dean’s fans? Men, women, the Italians. Who were Jerry’s fans? Women, Jews, kids.

Who were Martin and Lewis’ fans? All of them… You had fans that didn’t care that Lewis was on or that Martin was singing.

Because if Dean was singing, that was Martin and Lewis. If Jerry was goin’ nuts, that was Martin and Lewis.” said Jerry Lewis.

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It was somewhat heartbreaking when the duo decided to go their separate ways after 10 years of being together.

They have always been friends and it’s said they never spoke to each other for 20 years. There are many speculations following their splitting, but no one seems to be sure of all that’s said.


Lewis later opened up about their splitting. He said that them not speaking for 20 years tormented him and he regretted how it all ended. ”The stupidity of that, I cannot expound on.

The ignorance of that is something I hope I’ll always forget,” Lewis said. Thankfully the days of malice have ended as they got to reconcile.

It was an epic moment watching them hug each other after so many years. Deana Martin has a lot to say about the duo’s relationship after the reconciliation.

”They kept in touch with each other. Jerry just loved my dad and my dad loved Jerry. I think Jerry would have liked to have been closer after that but my dad was … if he wasn’t working, he was playing golf,” Deana Martin told Fox News in 2019.

Dean performed his last show in 1991 and his last reunion with Lewis was on his 72nd birthday. Dean Martin passed away on Christmas Day in 1995 at the age of 75. May he keep resting in Peace.

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