Mother Secretly Gives Daughter up for Adoption — Father Finds Out and Fights to Win Her Back

Then one day, you find out that your partner put your child up for adoption without telling you. He was killed in Aikens, South Carolina, in 2014 just like this. Then one day, a messenger came to his house and told him that not only had the mother put their baby girl up for adoption but that it had already worked. Emanuel didn’t even know that she was born. How did he fight to get her back?

25-year-old Emanuel was very excited when he first met his daughter Skyler’s mother. A woman he’d never met before. They met because they both work on forklifts. Before long, their friendship turned into more.

She told him three months later that she was pregnant. He now refers to this woman as “the egg donor.” Emanuel was overjoyed to hear that.

Emanuel was very interested in becoming a father. He and the mother of his daughter even talked about getting married. As soon as their families met for the first time, Emanuel quickly found out that his partner’s parents would never let him live with them. He said the family was racist and that he felt like he had been hit in the gut. His girlfriend, on the other hand, told him that they would keep raising this child together.

At first, Emanuel did everything. She started texting him one day and telling him not to come to appointments. When her mom came, she would say that he didn’t need to be there. She also started to avoid meeting him in person.

In the six months before Skyler was born, Emanuel’s half-sister and her best friend started to worry a lot. A lot of people were afraid this woman was going to get rid of the child. Because of this, they were wrong. Emanuel told them that, but It was a plan for them to move in together and get married after the baby was born.

This is what she found out: South Carolina is one of 25 states that has a “responsible father registry.” People who aren’t married can put their information here so they can be told when their child is put up for adoption. First, Emanuel didn’t see why. In fact, when the woman didn’t show up to the baby shower he and his family had planned for her, he changed his mind and signed up.

A few days after that, a messenger came to his house with some papers. Over a week ago, his daughter was born. The mother had already put her up for adoption. Another thing: She already lived with a family in another state.

As soon as he saw the egg donor, he confronted her. She told him what she had done and said that nothing could be done about it now. Race may have played a role after all. They were able to send the baby across state lines because of a law in South Carolina that was very old.

People can adopt hard-to-adopt kids across state lines under this law. To be eligible, a child had to have a disability, be six years old or older, or be of mixed race, but not all of these things were enough.

It was a lie that the adoptive parents were told. The family said that the father was no longer in the picture. When Emanuel started fighting for custody, they found out that he was there and they knew about him. In a letter, Skylar’s family, who cared for and kept in touch with him, begged for him not to fight back.

After all, they, too, wanted to have a child but couldn’t have one because they were too old. That’s what they said to Emanuel. They said they would make sure Skylar went to every good school, so he would be happy. Unfortunately for them, Emanuel was not going to back down.

That’s what the egg donor told us. She didn’t think Emanuel could take care of them or give Skylar a good, stable home. It was good that Emanuel had a lot of text messages to show that he had a plan and was a good father even before the child was born. It took three months for him to get custody, but he was finally given it after that.

He started the Sky Is the Limit Foundation after that. This is what he has done since then. To find out more about your rights as a father, you can go here.

He also goes around the country to teach fathers about their rights. He gives them tools to help them understand and deal with custody battles. Fathers should be aware of their rights so their children can be raised by a family that loves them.

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