Daily Quotes

Dear God, we trust and believe in You

God we trust and believe inYou for better days this October.Please heal the sick, turn hateinto love and blanket the worldwith Your peace.

We pray, Dear Lord, for better days ahead this October. We have been through many months of hardship, unrest, uncertainty and we just want Your peace, Your clarity to cover the world with love and protection.

This world is a mess and is so divided by hate and injustice. Please heal the division and place hope into our hearts. Lord, so many of Your people have struggled for months with worry of Covid.

They’ve lost jobs, many have lost homes and all of us struggle with a new way of being. Please heal the sick, protect us that are well and bring us all to peace knowing You’ll end this soon.

We are so thankful for all you do and will continue to do for us in the weeks and months ahead. Amen

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