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The most innocent creatures on earth

People who start crying while expressing their feelings are the most innocent creatures on earth; so never hurt them.

When I was younger there was a girl in my class; she hardly talks to anyone and cries at every provocation.

I thought she was cunny and was masking all her pretentious acts by crying anytime she is being questioned about an act or incident.

I decided to observe her, and reveal whatever she was hiding behind those tears.

I decided to be her friend, and that was when I learned about the kind of person she is.

She told me a story, why she became calm and reserved, and never bothered about people liking her or what they had to say about her.

She told me she was the only child of her parents, but not until her mom kicked the bucket and her dad decided to marry her mom’s best friend.

She said that was the beginning of her torments as she turned her father against her. She was labeled a thief and a liar; no one ever gave her the chance to vindicate herself.

Her father never believed her, and joined forces with her stepmom to make life miserable for her. She felt like since her family doesn’t believe her no one else can.

She said that most times people in the class labeled her a thief because she wasn’t able to define herself, she shed tears because that was the same ordeal she faces at home.

I felt for her at that moment; I never knew she was an innocent kid with no one to hear her silent cries. 

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