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Death takes the body

Death takes the body.
God takes the soul.
Our mind holds the memories.
Our hearts keeps the love.
Our faith lets us know we
will meet again.

This is the bitter truth of life that everyone on this planet has to die someday. Whether they want or they don’t one day they have to die. God will take back their souls after death. This is another reality of life that everyone who died will have some memories in their heart. Those memories will be of their loved ones with whom they don’t even think of separating. But they have to leave them and they have taken their memories of love with them that will keep in their heart. Its everyone’s ultimate belief that when we die then someday we will meet our loved ones. As we all know there is life after death so everyone believes that and prays that they will meet their loved one their once again. We believe in this thing and we hope that our faith becomes true after someday.

You are missed daily
and every day, you are
that special person
which meant to us
more than anything
else in the world.

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