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To my grandchildren, i may not see you every day

To MY GRANDCHILDREN, I may not see you every day or talk to you every day, but I think of you and love you every day.

Parents always love their children unconditionally and they love even more than them their grandchildren. Some parents have a chance to see their grandchildren but some don’t have time to see them. So they may not see them every day or don’t have a chance to talk to them every day but they always think of them, they always care for them and they love them every day. If I put myself in their shoes I will think the same that I will always love my grandchildren every day. Love of the parents for their children and for their grandchild are trust me such a purest form in the world because it doesn’t have any greed, any purpose in it. They just love them because they care for them. Some people don’t show their love to their children but it doesn’t mean that they don’t love them. So it a beautiful relationship in this world.

To my child,
I worry if you are tired and
how your day has been.
I pray that you are happy and
surrounded by friends. A part
of me still needs to hear these
things from you. Many days
you are busy, but a simple
hello I’m fine” definitely will
do. You are an adult now and
have told me so, but the parent
in me can never completely let
go. As you will always be my
baby deep in my mind and
sometimes I need to hear,
hello I’m doing fine”
Jane Craft

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