Delta Burke’s opens up about her weight loss

Whenever I hear the name of Delta Burke, designing women comes into my mind. Delta was born in Florida in 1956. Some ups and downs remained the part of dekta’s childhood. Her mother was a single parent before marrying Frederick Burke who adopted her daughter delta and became a real father of her.

Delta had never seen her biological father. Delta Burke was very beautiful and won many pageants of the time. Her life completely changed when she won the contest and became “Miss Florida” in 1947. She was only at the age of 18 years when she received the title of “Miss Florida”. Delta was the youngest to receive that.

Becoming the youngest Miss Florida opened many career opportunities for the beautiful Delta. But breaking through as a beauty queen is not that easy as it seems. Always being groomed to be in the spotlight is not an easy task.

Every woman in this industry needs to remain fit, beautiful and should not weigh too much. And a remaining smile on face is extremely essential. In the case of Delta, all these have been a bit challenging.

Delta said “I learned not to trust men very much and felt that my only value was in my sexuality or what I looked like,”
By 70s Delta started to perform in various TV shows. But her breakthrough took place in the industry when Delta played “Kathleen Beck” in the series Filthy Rich. The famous series aired between 1982 to 1983. Delta portrayed her character for about 15 episodes.


Moreover designing women was the best one hiding many scenes on the back. It is not a good workplace, not a good environment … It’s so strange, being part of something that’s so wonderful and so awful at the same time,” said Delta.

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