Rebel Wilson’s lost more than 60lbs after inspiring weight loss journey

Rebel’s appearances in both film and television have turned her into a major star.

She is known for her roles in movies like Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids.

When the whole world was on lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, a moment people spent their weeks at home and didn’t know how to make a life out of it, Rebel just knew what to do.


The Australian actress came out of the lockdown with a healthy lifestyle and lost over 60 pounds.

The covid 19 pandemic was an eye-opener to many people, in as much as it was boring, it was a moment of deep reflection, spending time with family and having time for yourself too.

The pandemic made the world come to a halt, many people came out worst than they were, but some used that opportunity to forge better lifestyles for themselves.

Actress Rebel regarded the lockdown as a year of health as she opened up about her healthy diet and workout routine and the covid pandemic gave her a chance to change her life for the better.


The actress and comedienne were born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on March 2, 1980. She didn’t have any Hollywood background, but by the time she became a teenager, she knew acting was her calling.

Rebel Wilson attended the University of New South Wales and got an arts/ law degree.

She always wanted to be like Dame Judi Dench and never saw herself becoming a comedienne. She decided to specialize in comedy after she got the ATYP international scholarship from Nicole Kidman.

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She moved to New York after getting the scholarship.

In 2003, she started a comedy series Fat pizza and it was a gang with six people in it.

Rebel Wilson never saw her weight as a limitation to anything she wanted to achieve. She opened up to The Telegraph in 2020, about paying for major roles in films and television series.

Wilson isn’t only a good actress and comedienne, she has a big heart that’s always ready to accommodate others. She has sponsored many children in school in Tanzania, she’s a great model and inspiration to many people.


On January 2, Wilson decided to change her diet and make so with healthy foods and followed the Mayr Method workout. It promotes weight loss by improving gut health.

Wilson said she achieved amazing results with this method and she hopes that her health journey goes so well.

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