Daily Quotes

Do whatever that makes you happy

If it makes you happy, go for it; people are always going to talk.

Don’t leave your life by the dictations of others, because no one dictates theirs. Do whatever that makes you happy, and never mind what people will say, because they will always talk.

Live your best and rule your world, God gave you the power to do so. Live your life according to the dictations of God because he knows the best for us, and not the dictations of man.

When I was still starting my journey to success; I was hardworking and someone who looked at my skin will know that I have it all.

I was living in a small apartment and have no car of my own. I was the managing director of a company before I became the CEO. I always preferred going by an uber because I never saw owning a car as a priority.

Along the way, gossips started coming up that I was stingy, and that’s why I can’t get a little car for myself that I prefer going to work with an uber. I was hurt for some reason because my personal life was being discussed by people who know nothing about me.

I decided to get a car as there was little sense of what they were saying. I thought that could be the end of the murmurings, but no, their story changed to me wasting money. In their words, I have money poor people around me, and it could have gone a long way to helping them.

I learned to do whatever that makes me happy amidst whatever suggestions people bring.

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