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Respect is like an investment with returns

Respect is the most important element of your personality. It is like an investment; whatever you give to others, it will return you with profit.

Respect is reciprocal and when you don’t give it to people; you won’t get it for any reason.

I have seen personalities being feared, worshipped by people, but they were never respected.

People dreaded for their life and did their biddings, but he was never respected. People feared his actions and for their life.

Everyone knew about this man, and how he used the government agencies for his personal use. Many times, the people who stood up to him never lived to tell the story.

Hr continued with his wicked ways, until death caught up with him. He suffered different ailments, and it squandered his money along the drain.

Everyone left him since he had no power or money to control them. His children started begging for aids but there was no one willing to listen to them.

They were part of their father’s wickedness; he made people older than them greet and kiss their feet because he was in authority, and then his children were enjoying whatever treatment they were getting from people.

He died and no one cared to attend his burial; he died a lonely and poor man; only his children laid him to rest.

You can never get what you don’t give out; karma is so genuine that it serves you exactly what you serve others.

Respect people so that you would be respected; treat others how you want them to treat you.

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