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No man succeeds without a good woman

No man embraces success without a good woman behind him, be it his wife, mother; if it’s both, he is twice blessed.

Every human being needs a companion, someone they can lean on at the end of every stressful day; someone who can give them a listening ear without judging or drawing conclusions.

Every man needs a woman he can run to at the end of every hectic day. A man needs a woman to push him to do better, help him in whatever plans he hands in, and draw him closer to God.

A woman is the pillar of a home, and in her presence, everything seems perfect. God knew that a man can’t do it alone and that’s why he sent him a companion and a helper.

A man’s strongest born is his first and last love; his first love is his mother, and his last love is his wife.

The luckiest man is one who has a sweet mother and a woman who’s willing to support him and give him her all.

One of the main reasons a man is always told to marry a good wife is because it is her that would determine his success or downfall.

Imagine getting married to a woman who’s ready to build with you, draw you closer to God, and respect you; a woman who will help you manage your wealth and yield more.

If a man ends up with a bad wife; his wealth, success, and home will surely crash. What can you make out of a woman who only knows how to spend your money without bringing ideas of how to make more.

Be with a woman who supports your dreams, because she can determine how far you will go. 

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