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I’m a proud mother

I’m a proud mother; I gave my children life. They gave me reason to live; I so much love my children.

If there is anything I will forever be proud of; it should be having my kids as mine. They weren’t born in the best conditions, but I’m proud of having them.

I was a teenager who didn’t understand the ways of the world; I was caught up in enjoying my youth with my peers. When I noticed I was pregnant, I informed their father and he practically asked me to get rid of it.

My parents chased me out of my family house and I was left to cater for them alone. I gave birth to them on the streets, and I cleaned them up myself.

I don’t know where the strength came from, but I decided to protect them, and be the best mother they will ever wish for.

My twins are doing just great; I got a job with my high school certificate, plus other menial jobs I do. I’m training them in school, and still doing some courses online to get a college certificate.

I am proud of the way they are growing and I will try my best in providing for them. I might not have enough money for them to flaunt, but I love them and that’s all that matters.

Their birth brought me pain and rejection, but I’m willing to make them proud from being rejected. I will be their mother, best friend, father, relatives, and any other position needed to be filled in their life.

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