Do you still remember Grace Jones? – Well this is her today

Grace Jones is someone who has been in many niches and can be said to have always been in the spotlight. She’s an actress, a fashionista, a model, an actor, among others. She was made for the entertainment industry and she always delivers.

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Grace Jones was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica on May 19, 1948. Her parents resided in the Us, hence she had to stay in the care of her grandparents.

Jones’ family was really strict, so she had to spend her childhood in the church. Her step-grandfather, father, and brother were all bishops.

When she finally decided to pursue a career in singing her family wasn’t happy about the path she choose.

“I hated my dad; he was so strict. But now I love him because they didn’t make him bishop for a long time because of me,” she told The Guardian.

“There was an article in Ebony magazine about me with a photograph of the family around the piano.

My dad wasn’t in it, but the fact that it was released in a magazine… he was supposed to cut me off, like in the Bible it says, ‘If your right arm offends, you cut it off.’ He said, ‘I don’t care; I support my daughter.’ But it held him back.’”

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Her passion for fashion bloomed during her teenage days.

“I got a lot of my style from my mom, to be honest. We were all sewing, making designer clothes when we were teenagers,” she told Interview Magazine.

“And I was crocheting since I could pick up a crochet needle. My mom was a really good seamstress, so she used to make all these designer things.

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“We never bought clothes off the rack. Everything was original. I believe that influenced me a lot. We had to pick out our own buttons, threads, our own fabrics. There are a lot of details in making your own stuff.”

Grace’s music career started in 1977 after she signed a record contract with British label Island. She was doing so well in the music industry.

I’d say, ‘Grace, you need to sing, honey,’” Cleveland explained. “She’d say, ‘Well, if you sing with me,’ So I started singing with her. But then, when she finally got a producer and invited me into the studio to sing, I had to say, “No, Grace, this is your thing.’”

“You don’t get to stay famous for long unless you’re always switching,” Andy Warhol was said to have written in his diary. “Grace Jones is an example of this.”

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Grace Jones is 73 years old today and looks stunning like she never aged for a moment.

“I would like, as no doubt most people would, to be remembered as someone who made people happy,” Grace Jones told Numero.

She did entertain us.

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