Couple adopts the neighbor’s 3 kids after she passes and the community steps up in a big way

Tisha Beauchemin is a Las Vegas bingo cashier with 5 kids. Her neighbor knocked on the door one day and asked her to look after her 3 kids. Tisha and her husband knew Audrey that’s why they couldn’t say no to her.

Source: Youtube

Audrey was a single mother balancing two jobs together to take good care of her kids and be a supportive mother. But unfortunately, when she was diagnosed with esophageal and stomach cancer she thought she has to find someone the keep her kids.

Source: Youtube

Tish herself had grown up at an orphanage and couldn’t let Audrey’s kids go somewhere else. Tish and her husband didn’t have so much space at their home. But having 5 children of their own they still agreed to keep Audrey’s kids.

Source: Youtube

Audrey’s cancer was rapidly increasing. And in a couple of weeks, her cancer reached stage 4. Audrey thought she has a year to live but in a short period of time her cancer spread.

There were now 10 people living together inside a small home. The Beauchemin’s living quarters were too cramped having some of the children sleeping on recliners in the living room. Makeshift beds were placed wherever there was space. But they finally lived together.

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