These twins can’t let go of each other

A picture of Newborn twins that won’t stop cuddling as they did in the womb has left everyone in awe.

Having a child is a blessing and when they come in pairs, it always feels like a double blessing.

When I had my twin, I was the happiest person on earth. The delivery process was so hard and I never knew I was going to make it alive.

I cursed so much and wanted to get them out of my body, but when I saw these two little darlings, I knew all the pains were worth it.

I can remember telling the doctor I was going to have a twin when I went for an ultrasound. He saw only one, but I insisted it was a twin.

A few months later, he was shocked when he finally saw two hearts doing just fine.

I had an identical twin and I can remember them holding on to each other, never to be far away and they group up just that way.

They always did everything together, never to be seen apart from each other and I can say they have the strongest bond ever.

A viral video, which has generated over 50 million views on YouTube has left many people in awe. A video of twins babies, less than 2 months who couldn’t stop holding on to each other even while having their bath.

The twin boys have a deep bond and can’t stop cuddling each other just like they were in the womb.

This was also the case with Laura’s twin boys. She placed them on their different cots for a nap and when was shocked when she saw them through the baby cam monitor hugging each other.

They have a brilliant bond. This made me burst with love.

“They are quite cuddly boys anyway. They’re either wrestling or cuddling – there seems to be no in between. They either want to hug or fight.

“But when they’ve been fighting all day, it’s great to see [them hugging].

“This was actually during their nap time. They were just going down for their afternoon nap.

“When I saw them I thought ‘oh my god, how cute’. I’m quite used to them having a cuddle anyway, but it was the fact they were upstairs on their own.

“It’s their haven in the bedroom. Doing it of their own accord is very sweet.

“Normally, if Noah is sitting playing with something happily, Jacob will want it. He won’t just want his own ball, he’ll want both of them.”

Twins will always remain an adorable pair and so lovely to watch.

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