Donny Osmond’s breaking stigma

Donny Osmond has lived all his life in the spotlight, he was one of the few people that almost lost it because of their success. He was diagnosed with social anxiety and occasionally suffered panic attacks.

He was able to break out from the stigma by seeking help and talking to people.

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Donny Osmond was born in Odgen, Utah on December 9, 1957. He had three older siblings, Alan, Wayne Merrill, and Jay who were performers and performed alongside them when he was a child.

He was raised in a strict home and religion was paramount to them, but it never stopped them from singing and listening to music as both parents, Olive and George were singers.

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Donny, at the age of three, left Utah in other to pursue their career in the show industry. Their next move was on Hollywood, but it wasn’t so great for Donny.

“It was kind of a traumatic day for me, he said. “It was kind of fun at first but then I got homesick for my sandbox, my truck. But it was a new life.”

Donny’s career took off at the age of 5 as he performed with his siblings on the Andy Williams show.

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“I went from an innocent child to a national television star. My career took on a life of its own.”

The fame and fans didn’t make Donny feel any better, he felt he was missing out on his childhood, his toys and he was homesick.

Donny’s father, George didn’t understand him either and talked to him about not complaining.

Donny Osmond told The Guardian, “It’s easy to blame the parent.”

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“I got over that quickly and realized my father is not perfect but he did the best he could.”

Donny loved his career and grew in front of the camera, which cost him his mental health.

He told CBS, “I remember times on stage where I physically got ill. I thought ‘what is going on here? I’m going crazy.”

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Donny became afraid of fame and everything. He couldn’t breathe as his face was on the cover of every newspaper, and he had to deal with a lot of pressure.

“There were times where I had the choice to walking on stage or dying, I would’ve chosen death. It’s that scary,” he said. “Ever since I started in the business, I knew that someone is looking at me all the time, I had to be perfect.”

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Everything got out of control when he suffered a panic attack and luckily his wife was there in time to take him to the hospital.

Ross was there for him and helped him get on his therapy and he was able to conquer his fears and head back to the stage.

Donny has been very open about his condition and hopes that others speak out too in other to get help and break that stigma.

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