Melissa Morris – “My 600-lb-Life”

Melissa Morris’ transformation has left many people inspired. She was the first to appear on the show, My 600-lb Life and the doctors feared for her life as she weighed over 600 pounds.

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Losing weight is one of the hardest things to do because when you start, you can’t have a break you have to stick with it to the last. Melissa Morris has shown that she has the determination as her amazing transformation over the years can’t be overlooked.

The American reality series, My 600-lb Life has proven to be very inspiring and helpful as they keep showing what determination is and they always helped their patients to lose those weight.

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After the show comes the toughest part as the cameras are off and you are all by yourself. It’s your choice to keep on with the weight plan or go back to binging on food.

Melissa Morris always bing ate around the clock and it got to the point when she couldn’t do anything by herself any longer and her husband had to do everything by himself.

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She was once told by the doctor that she had only a two percent chance of getting pregnant.

“It’s not like I set out to say ‘Oh, I want to grow up to be the world’s biggest lady, I want to be 700 pounds.”

She continued: “It just happened. For the longest time I talked myself into that I didn’t have a weight problem. I was still walking. If I had a weight problem, I would not walk.”

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Chris her husband was so concerned about the state of his wife.

“I worry about coming home and finding her dead because her body killed her.”

“She’s got her whole life ahead of her and I’m at the point where I’m ready to start a family and settle down. And with her being the size she is, we can’t do that.”

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Melissa when she found out what she’s done to herself and the people around her she started seeking help. The first doctor asked her to lose 100 pounds before anything can be done for her. She lost the motivation and finally gave up.

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It took her a year to find a doctor that was willing to help and it wasn’t risk-free either, she might die during the procedure.

Dr. Nowzaradan came through for her. He was focused on giving people a healthy and productive life and didn’t make any money performing surgeries on patients featured on My 600-lb-Life.

After the gastric bypass surgery, she was able to start a new diet and exercise.

Seven years after her journey on My-600-lb Life which started in 2012, she has lost 447 pounds and in 2019 she weighed 206 pounds.

At the end of the show, Melissa went on to have three kids and currently having the best time of her life with her kids.

Her transformations over the years never stop being an inspiration. Hopefully, her story can help people choose a healthier and better life.

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