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Don’t hurt me if you will ever need me again

Before you do me wrong, make sure you never need me again.

When I look at my past and people that have messed with me, I know I will meet them in the future.

When I was in college, I was very unfortunate with relationships. I had a best friend, and a boyfriend, which I was hoping we could get married after college.

We were so close that even my supervisor knew about our relationship; we were always seen together.

During the period for defending my projects, rumors started flying around; some said my best friend was hanging out with my boyfriend.

I never believed it, and I trusted them so much. My best friend has had a lot of bad experiences in relationships and she hates guys a lot.

I noticed she never liked my boyfriend, though I have seen them together countless number of times, but they were always quarreling in my presence so it can’t be true.

I paid deaf ears to all they were saying, until one faithful day I was on my way to the airport to travel to the east, but my flight was canceled. I decided to head straight to my boyfriend’s house, as it was closer to the airport than mine.

I walked in without knocking and met my best friend and my boyfriend in a very bad position. They broke my trust, but I was willing to forgive. My boyfriend told me he can’t continue with the relationship, that I’m an ordinary girl without a rich parent or connections, that I have nothing to offer him, unlike my best friend.

Anyway, years have passed and I have moved on. I will be interviewing some applicants today for the post of my assistant, and guess who I saw first, my ex.

Life can be ironic, he never knew how rich my parents were, and he never knew I will turn out to be his boss. 

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