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Love can be one-sided

Have you loved someone so much, that you tried to understand why they are hurting you?

I became a misogamist after I went through hell all in the name of love.

There as this girl, I loved so much, our friendship started when we were still kids in primary school.

Well, I grew up to find out that I truly loved her, and asked her to go on a date with me.

We started dating, and I can say she’s the kindest pain you can ever have as a close friend.

She became the center of my world, and the last thing I wanted was to see her frown even for a moment.

We both graduated with first-class honors after university, and I can say I was very proud of the woman she is.

Things were going on smoothly until I couldn’t secure a job after graduation. A few months after, she got a job in one of the oil companies around.

She had less time for us, and I also noticed she was living above her pay. She left her family house, and bought a house in lekki, which she never told me of; I heard that from someone else.

She never wants me to visit, and we started drifting apart from each other. she never picked my calls or returned my calls, with the help of her friend, I was able to trace her home and met her in the hands of a man old enough to be her father.

She knew I loved her so much, and decided to hurt me. I truly loved her and wanted to give her another chance, she played her tricks so well, that I never knew when she got married and left the country.

I became a sadist, and never let anyone in myself. I swore never to love again.

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