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Know who worth your friendship

Hear me when I tell people this; people who ignore you, until it suits them to talk to you, are not worth your friendship or time.

Life is filled with people with many faces; do not let physical appearance deceive you, you won’t know what’s under the mask.

I have lived a greater part of my teenage days in regrets, because of the kind of friends I had.

Many times, I was advised against them, but I let youth exuberance get into my head. I found out their plans late, and by then all have been ruined.

I am the only child of a billionaire dad, which automatically makes me the heir of everything he has.

I had just a few friends; I trusted them with my life. They were my family, and always spend time with me during weekends. People, who didn’t know I was the only child, always think they were my siblings.

Things took another turn when I found out they were after my money and other material things. I bet they weren’t aware of the CCTV cameras in all nooks and cranny of the house.

Well, I knew better than anyone and kept my distance from them later on.

Always know who’s worth keeping as a friend. People will come with many faces to be your friend; they will act as if they are your family, but you should always be conscious of those who you accept as one.

Enemies don’t suddenly turn to one, they are people you always loved and cared for. Don’t let your friends chose you, chose them and know who’s worth your friendship.

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