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Don’t lose yourself

You’re gonna lose friends, relationships, and may be even family but at the end of the day you just gotta make sure you don’t lose yourself.

You aren’t the only one with the worst situations. People lose people at different stages of their lives, whatever you are passing through; someone was once in your shoes and conquered.

At the age of eight, I lost my both parents, and I was left with a two-year-old kid to take care of. I was small and had no idea of what I am meant to do.

My aunties, later on, got a nanny for us, little did I know that was the beginning of my nightmares. I was a pupil, and we always dismissed school by four.  Just had to come back home, bath, eat, do my assignments and sleep off.

I thought the nanny was caring and could always take care of my little brother; I didn’t have to worry about his safety.

Things continued that way and it was more than a month I saw my brother, I decided to face my exams, and finish them off, then I can have the summer break all to ourselves.

Not minding my age then, I had the reasoning of an adult; I guess responsibilities made me stronger.

On getting home after my exams, I rushed to my brother’s room and found out, my brother wasn’t there and the nanny’s clothing was gone too. I went to my aunt’s house immediately and found out there weren’t around too, luckily a neighbor directed me to the hospital they rushed to.

On getting there I found everyone weeping, I didn’t see our nanny. My aunt ran to me immediately and was apologizing. I was still looking when I saw my brother’s body willed out from the ward.

He was dead, I screamed, and the next time my eyes were open was on the bed. The nanny was maltreating my brother, and he was asthmatic we never knew.

I have been bitter all my life, I hated my existence, but I knew I had to live again. I had to be happy for the future, and I never stopped living my life.

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