Elvis Presley’s former home, described by Prince Harry as “dark and claustrophobic,” did not impress him

Over the course of his life, Prince Harry has had numerous encounters with famous people and important figures.

The Prince is rumoured to be pals with a number of famous people, including David Beckham, Tom Hardy, and James Corden. One might therefore assume that he frequently has the chance to travel to some extraordinary locations. One such location, according to reports, was Graceland, Elvis Presley’s old home.

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Harry travelled to the United States in 2014 with his brother, Prince William, to attend their close friend Guy Pelly’s wedding at the renowned Elvis Presley residence.

Thoughts other than his friend’s wedding were on Harry’s thoughts, though. After being given a tour of the fabled estate, he wasn’t at bit impressed. Harry described “The King’s” mansion, where his daughter Lisa Marie Presley was laid to rest last weekend, as a cramped badger burrow.


Being a member of the British Royal Family gives you the opportunity to interact with a variety of notable people, including Heads of State, athletes, musicians, and other celebrities.

“I doubt she had even spoken to Oprah Winfrey” (before the wedding). I’m not sure if Harry had. But because she invited them, she now has a court of her own.

“Despite being a new player, she moved quickly out of the starting box. Megan’s A-list celebrity friends, the court of Meghan, are a highly voluble court and they are quite powerful, in contrast to Prince Harry’s friends who keep to themselves.

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When he met Meghan, Prince Harry was used to hanging out with celebrities and visiting famous locations. In particular for those who consider themselves followers of “The King,” Elvis Presley, he had the opportunity to visit one of the most extraordinary locations in the music industry in 2014.

It is unknown if Hary has ever enjoyed Elvis Presley’s music. We do know, though, that he was not overly impressed with the famed musician’s mansion when he visited Graceland.


The music of the King of Rock revolutionised the entire planet. He was one of the best entertainers we’ve ever seen, and he possessed both talent and charisma.

Along with being a well-known performer with hits like Jailhouse Rock, In the Ghetto, Hound Dog, and Love Me Tender, Elvis also starred in a number of movies that advanced his career. These included, among other masterpieces, King Creole (1958), Viva Las Vegas (1964), and The Trouble with Girls (1969).


Elvis Presley tragically passed away in August of 1977, causing the world to lament the loss of a great entertainment legend.

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