Erika Eleniak the former Baywatch star

Erika Eleniak worked as a model before going on Baywatch. She got on the big screens in the 80s and no one didn’t notice the blond bombshell.

Erika Eleniak was born in Glendale, California on September, 29.

She started getting TV roles at the age of 12 and got her breakthrough after appearing on Baywatch.

“I loved being there, and I loved the role, especially the second season.

“I got some great storylines. I got to dig my chops into some good acting roles.

“We did Baywatch to be a serious look at lifeguarding. There were cop shows, doctor shows, lawyer shows, and no lifeguard shows.”

At some points, Erika wasn’t comfortable with the show any longer.

“For me, as soon as it became even sexier when it became syndicated, it was not comfortable.

“It ended up being a bit of a push and pull between myself and the producer sometimes.

“So when Pamela came on, it was just the perfect fit for Baywatch – she was definitely footloose and fancy-free and loved being more of an exhibitionist than I did.”

In 1992, Erika left the show and Pamela came on.

“I feel like it was good timing. I got to do one year where it was really conservative on NBC and one year in syndication,” she explained. “And the cast and crew were phenomenal. It was a great experience.”

In 1998, Erika got married to Philip Goglia a bodybuilder and it was quite sad they divorced six months later.

Erika started dating Roch Daigle in 2001 and they were quite a great pair. They fell in love and got married. Five years later, Erika was already with a child but suffered a miscarriage at 6 weeks.

The next time she got pregnant she got lucky and had a baby girl.

Erika Eleniak recently turned 52 and one can say she’s an ageless beauty. The pictures she posts on her Instagram page have proven that she is still very beautiful like back in the day.

She is no longer so frequent on the big screens, but her sporadic appearances never left unnoticed.

If you are a big fan of Baywatch there’s no way you won’t remember Erika Eleniak. She left quite a long-lasting impression on the viewers and I doubt if she will ever be forgotten even if she decides to retire from the big screens.

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