Families don’t have to match’ – Black couple share their journey to adopting three white children

Sadie and Jarvis Sampson tried for years to have a baby. They tried everything until they thought they would only be aunt and uncle. Then they got a text that changed their lives in an instant.

As soon as it didn’t happen naturally, they tried everything else.

Prenatal vitamins, cycle tracking apps, fertility monitors, and ovulation tests are some of the things the Houston mom told Love What Matters.


The advice of friends, family, and even strangers didn’t work for us, so we even tried it. We tried and prayed for 14 months. Every month. Negative pregnancy test after a negative pregnancy test. It looked like we were going to need help coming up with ideas. It went so far that we talked to doctors about it, too.

In the end, it looked like the doctors didn’t help the two of them very much. They all told Sadie that if she lost weight, she would get pregnant. So she had gastric surgery and lost 28 pounds.

Sadie’s OB-GYN told her how excited she was about the weight loss and how proud she was of her.


When Sadie went to the doctor, she told her that if she didn’t get pregnant in six months, she would send her to a fertility specialist because she couldn’t give her the fertility medication. “I was so excited about that. I couldn’t believe it.” Finally, we got something that wasn’t a no! We got a “not right now,” and we were happy.

They thought they would get pregnant after Sadie lost the weight, but it didn’t work out that way for them. They felt like they were back where they were.


It seemed like Sadie had been born to be a mother. “My doctor had taken so long to tell me how fertile I would be after surgery, but I still wasn’t pregnant.” So, we didn’t bother. To be an aunt or uncle to your niece and godparents for your goddaughter was the only thing we were meant to do in this world.

As soon as the couple had given up trying to have a baby, Sadie got a text from a friend asking if they would be willing to foster a baby that a couple she knew was thinking about getting.


A caseworker told the couple at first that they had to take care of the baby while the mother got help. The couple was a little afraid at first, but they agreed. This is what the couple thought: They were afraid they’d become too attached to the child. But soon after that, the storey changed.

Birth mom: “The caseworker told us that you and your partner should adopt the child instead.”

Their weekend was spent processing the shocking news but also preparing for the possibility that their mother would change her mind, so they had to be ready.

Everybody was happy to hear that the mother still wanted them to adopt the baby, but she wanted to do it on her own. She was ready to sign on Monday.

They had the cutest family photos taken when they adopted Ezra Lee in October 2020. They wore t-shirts that said “family doesn’t have to match.”

Embryos were given to Sadie and Jarvis in 2021 so that they could have twin girls Journee and Destinee. Their family motto is “Families don’t have to match.” The black couple had a boy and two girls – a boy and two girls – who were born to them.

Their family is built on love, which is the strongest thing in the world.

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