The beautiful actress- Elizabeth Shue and how she’s doing today

Elizabeth Shue in the 80s was a superstar and many of us can remember her from The Karate kid, where she played the role of Ali Mills.

She got her breakthrough in the 80s and was on the big screens a number of times. It might interest you to find out how the beauty is doing today and what she has been up to.

Elizabeth didn’t have the perfect childhood as her parents divorced when she was nine. She grew up with three boys and couldn’t help but play soccer with her brothers.

“I was attracted to sports to balance the confusion of life. My parents got divorced when I was nine, and there were a lot of tough moments, not having enough money for this and that,” she said.

Elisabeth and Tom Cruise in ”Cocktail” (1988

Playing soccer somehow influenced her actions later in life, especially her psychological mindset.

Elisabeth told MPRNews, ”I hated when people would say ‘Oh, she’s good for a girl.’ That drove me crazy. So I had to work extra hard so that wouldn’t happen.”

The film was a commercial success and one of Hollywood’s highest-grossing movies of 1984. The down-to-earth character of Ali Mills really made an impression on the audience and paved the way for Elisabeth as America’s favourite girlnextdoor.

Elizabeth after high school didn’t finish her education at Harvard as she wanted to pursue her acting career.

She was able to get her breakthrough after appearing on karate kid playing the love interest of Daniel LaRusso.

Elizabeth Shue went to get married to film director Davis Guggenheim in 1994. Three years after they welcomed their first child, Miles William, Stella Street in 2001 and Agnes Charles in 2006.

Elisabeth in ”Adventures in Babysitting!”. Great movie!

She told People in 2007, ”I play tennis for two hours every day. I want to compete at the lowest level of pro tennis — it’s my own personal goal. Once I accomplish that, I quickly take care of my job as an actress, then I become just a regular mom.”

Elizabeth has been through a number of tragedies as well, in 1988 she lost her brother in a motor accident, just two days shy of his 27th birthday. It was a tough moment for the family.


Elisabeth told NJ Monthly in 2007, “He was incredibly loving and very protective of us. I think because our parents were divorced, it was tough on all of us as we tried to find a safe haven. At times, Will would take the place of our parents and he would be our friend. He never stopped looking out for us.”


Elizabeth Shue today looks like she never aged and has managed to keep her health and looks in check.

We wish her all the best.

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