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Everything you need to know of Clint Eastwood’s rich love life and his new girlfriend

Clint Eastwood is an American producer, actor, film director, and composer. He rose to fame after his role as the ”man with no name” and has won a lot of awards.

The iconic actor has a long list of his filmography and the same goes for his list of girlfriends. Beautiful women seem to be his weakness and they never stop turning his head.


Since the 50s, Eastwood has been active in the film industry and has won four golden awards, four academy awards, the list is endless.

The iconic actor has done a lot for the film industry and his awesomeness seems like the magnet that pulls ladies closer. The legend has eight children with different women and he has been married only twice; he never stayed faithful to his partners.

In 1953, he married Maggie Johnson and had two kids, Kyle and Alison together. Shortly into their marriage, Eastwood had an affair with a woman from Seattle, who bore him a daughter, Laurie.


The duo remained married until 1984, and he had numerous affairs with other women including Sondra Locke, they were together for nine years before he finally divorced Johnson. Locke was married but didn’t divorce her husband.

The million Dollar baby director also has a daughter Kimber with Roxanne Tunis, a stunt woman, daughter Francesca with Frances Fisher, an actress, son Scot and daughter Kathryn with Jacelyn Reeves, a flight attendant, then daughter, Morgan, with his second wife, Dina Ruiz, a news anchor.

Eastwood in the 1960s

Eastwood appeared on the red carpet with all his children in the premiere of the movie ”The Mule” in December 2018. He’s such a proud father and seems like he so much loves his kids.

Eastwood started dating his girlfriend of six years recently, Christina Sandra, his 33 years old Junior. The duo met in a hostel created by Eastwood in California in 2014.

They both live together in Eastwood’s $20 million mansions and news has it that they are happily living together. The people close to the duo said Sandra is getting along with all Eastwood’s kids and they love and adore her as well.

Christina’s ex-husband told National Enquirer,’ I wish Clint all the luck in the world with that woman”. Paul Wainscoat is a bakery owner and he was married to Christina for 11 months before they divorced, he slammed his ex-wife in public calling their marriage hell.

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