Judge Judy’s Venn happily married for years- sit down before you see her husband

Judge Judy has been a television daytime star for over 25 years and people never get tired of seeing her. Forbes Magazine named her the highest-paid daytime Television host and she’s a well-respected judge.

She seems to have a low-key private life and hardly gets the media in about whatever happens in her life. Recently it was revealed her marriage to her second husband Jerry, has been one hell of a ride.


Judy Sheindlin or Judge Judy as she’s popularly known gained fame 25 years ago when her program started.

Amidst Judy being a celebrity with all the money in the world,  Judy has a pretty rough beautiful love story as she got married to the same man twice.

Judy from a young age knew she was going to study law and she spent her early life in Brooklyn. She was very bad at maths and chemistry and pursued the law as a career.

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For most of her age mates, it was a far-fetched dream to go to school as they all wanted to get married and have a family.

Judy’s father Murray, worked as a dentist while her mother, Ethel worked as an office manager.

She graduated in 1963 from American University in Washington DC and she was the only woman in a class of 126 students.

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Judy finished her law degree at the New York Law School and upon entering the law school, her professor had a few words to say as she questioned her about trying to take the place of a man in the family.

Judy worked as a corporate lawyer after graduating in 1965 and at that time she was already married and raising two kids. She worked as a prosecutor for 10 years in a family court.

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Judy was always the center of attraction as she was the only female in an all-man dominating career, and she was so good at what she does.

Judy married in 1964 to her first husband but divorced in 1976. It didn’t take long before she got married to her second husband, Jerry.

They were so in love and it feels like their marriage was made in heaven. They got divorced after Judy lost her father and they later met in life and remarried again.

The couple loves each other so much and lives in Florida together.

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