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Experiencing the Loss of a Loved One

Death happens to everyone, and one way or the other, we have all been affected by death.

There are religious bodies that believe that there is life after death, but when it comes to the loss of a loved one, the afterlife might not be a consolation.

Death has a note of finality to it, and it can sometimes bring everything crashing down.

When we lose a loved one, we get the normal words of comfort; “time heals every wound,” “it gets better with, “Etc.

The truth is, time helps with the pain, but it does not always fully take away the pain.

You never know how much losing a loved one can hurt until you can’t share an experience with them anymore.

When you have lost a loved one, normal celebrations that you share with them, become harder to deal with.

People who have not lost loved cannot fully relate to the pain that comes even after so many years.

Until you have buried a loved one, you will not understand how much harder it will be to celebrate Holidays.

Birthdays, weddings, christenings and major holidays become harder to celebrate with them.

Dealing with loss and absence.

Everyone deals with loss differently. When there is a need to have something to do with the person you have lost, the pain hits you afresh. It hits differently every time you remember.

Death creates an absence that is never only physical. The death of a loved one creates in space in our minds and hearts also. When a simple break-up or drifting apart between loved ones can cause considerable pain, how much more when it is the death of such a loved one.

The pain is indescribable and can only be understood by those going through or who have gone through it.

While it is true that the pain never fully goes away, time does help to make it more bearable. Memories can slowly bring a sad or contented smile rather than the usual tears.

With each day that goes by, it may get easier to come to terms with the passing of your loved one.

No one can really teach you how to cope with the pain of losing a loved one. Even persons who have gone through similar experiences might not completely relate to your pain because everyone is different.

The people around you will give you advice on how to cope or deal with the pain and the recovery. They will give you suggestions and even try to help you find some ways to get over it. It is understandable for you to find their help unbearable, but they are doing their best.

It might take time to come to terms with the loss. It will also take time to get used to their absence.

Especially around holidays and special events, the absence is more felt.

Losing someone is not something we all pray to experience, but is also a part of life.

We never know how much we will miss the people we have buried until we need to share some experience with them.

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