Faith Hill’s youngest daughter Audrey is a spitting image of her mom

We all know about the two country music stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw who have been together for 24 years, and their love is still so strong like yesterday. The duo found each other in the least expected places and when we thought they were going to split along the way, they started a family together and have been there ever since then.

Faith posted on her Instagram last two years celebrating their anniversary, she said ” to the love of my life, the one who still takes my breath away after 22 years of marriage. My soul man, my soul mate, my everything, my one and only. Another 22 years is a good place to start. Happy Anniversary my love.”

It’s been years and the celebrity couple is still waxing strong like yesterday and we fans can’t be less proud.

Today, the love birds have three amazing daughters, Gracie, 23 years, Maggie 22 years, and the youngest is Audrey 19 years. The three girls look like the younger version of their mother and their parents always try to keep their lives off social media as they wanted the kids to have a normal childhood.

The celebrity couple met each other while on a tour, and after they got married, they promised each other never to spend three days apart from each other.

Faith once spoke about her daughter’s birth, saying Audrey was born eight weeks premature and that’s why the family celebrates Christmas a bit early since she was born on December 6, 2001.

Seventeen years ago, this little precious jewel came almost eight weeks early to us! Tim wrote on Instagram two years ago. Every year to celebrate Audrey’s big day, they have to decorate a live tree on the sixth.

Every December of the year feels extra special to the family and they always make it a remarkable one.

Faith and Audrey were seen together at the Versace Pre-fall 2019 shoe and their photos together sparker a media frenzy as they both looked like an identical pair.

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