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Maggie and her life

The actress is best know for the character of Professor Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter movie. Dame Maggie is our all-time favorite actress. Speaking about her huge roles she said “I am deeply grateful for the work in Porter and indeed Downtown. But it wasn’t what you call satisfying. I didn’t feel I was acting in those days”. She got many awards for her best performance and is still working hard at the age of 85 to deliver her best work.


Maggie Smith was born in England. Maggie joined the Oxford playhouse after high school. Her first stage debut was made in 1952. Performing the role of Viola in the Oxford university in the society of Dramatics society Shakespeare production. She was not seeing herself as talented she told: “I longed to be bright and most certainly never was, I was rather hopeless, I suspect I didn’t know what . I think I was just very odd”.

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With a career of more than 60 years says that she is talented and hardworking that’s how she lasted for so long in the world of competition. She was awarded Oscar for best-supporting actress for California Suite. She is among the few actresses who received”Triple Crown”.

The actress got married twice. She has two sons from her first husband Chris Larkin and Toby who became actors themselves following the footsteps of their mother. The parents didn’t force their children to start their career as an actor but it was their own choice and are luckily successful. One of them told, “I wanted to do it on my own . Robert, my father was always trying to get me to trade on the family connection”.

Maggie married the screenwriter in 1976 and thought he’s the perfect love of her life. But unfortunately, he passed away in 1998. Maggie had a hard time with the loss.

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