Linda Gray is famous for her rocking performance in Dallas. She walked in it for around about 300 episodes but I must add, she had a successful career. That was not only luck but struggle. But today at the age of 80 years, she’s still going strong. We’ve seen many actors and actresses delivering a great performance.


Sometimes it seems that the actor has been made for that scene and any other person cannot play the role without them. I cannot imagine the series of Dallas without Linda over others for the role. The life of Linda can be explained just like a roller coaster. Linda faced illness, addiction, and many other turnovers of life very strongly and entered into a satisfying marriage after a huge struggle.

That’s how she has finally achieved a successful career. Linda Gray was born in California on 12 September 1940 Linda in her childhood was diagnosed with polio and faced a huge challenge. Grandfather of Linda had also been diagnosed with poliovirus but it wasn’t a big deal for her

Linda told “they didn’t know it was when he was 17, and he was always in a wheelchair”, she added “when I was diagnosed, everyone went crazy in my family, but I wasn’t. I thought I could have a wheelchair like a grandpa.


Linda grew up in California in the cihheherrherf her father was a watchmaker and had his La had a craze for acting and after attending an academy at Loss Angeles she started as Cinderella in Cinderella production.


Her father provided her all the comfort and stability which she and her sister needed. Linda wrote in her book in 2015 ” he was just kind of there, like a piece of furniture, but then this was a different time. “You didn’t go to dad with boyfriend problems. God forbid. But he was supportive of my career.”

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