Fans side with Prince William After His Birthday Message to Prince Harry

The two most adored royals are Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Fans are shocked over the message the two most adored members of the royals sent to Harry on his birthday and when people wanted to pick a side, they all supported Will and Kate.

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The duo met in Scotland in 2001; they couldn’t stay off each other and got engaged nine years after they met.

They started a family together, and in July 2013, they had Prince George Alexander Louis, who became the third in line to the throne.

In May 2015, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana came. Despite having a brother, she became the first female royal to retain her claim to the throne.

The rule which has always existed was that the birth of a son would result in leaping over older daughters in the line of succession as written in the succession crown act 2013. This makes Charlotte behind her older brother George.

Harry and Meghan left the royal family and it hasn’t been easy for Kate and William. The relationship between the two princes is still very strained and the distance between them isn’t helping matters either.

During Prince Phillips’s funeral, they discarded their differences to stand together as one family and also during the unveiling of the memorial statue in honor of Princess Diana, their late mother.

These family moments didn’t make their relationship better, but a recent tweet of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seems like whatever happened is now in the past. They wished Harry a happy birthday and fans couldn’t leave their comment section. Fans were pressing them and it seems like they all fell in love more with them.

Many weren’t so surprised by the post as they all refer to them as the power couple and this act alone has taken them to another level.

In an article written by Jose Andres, he thanked the duo for brings a voice to the voiceless. They give support to black women and girls in the US, they went as far as taking care of those affected by natural disasters in the Caribbean and India.

People are worried about the health condition of the queen, ever since Prince Phillip passed away, but it seems like things aren’t getting better. We all know the Queen’s relationship with dogs and recently she lost one a month after Philip died, losing a 70-year partner and a companion.

People are worried about the queen’s health and hope she gets over her losses.

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