The owner believes the dog is riddled with bug bites, soon realizes they are bullet holes

Dogs will always remain man’s best friend, and their roles can never be overemphasized. Dogs have complex body language, playful nature, and can fit into human society.

In the early days, Dogs were of great value to humans and their households as they always joined in hunting, and in most cases, there’s always a catch.

The present generation transformed dog to their pet, companion and a friend. Dogs create unexplainable connections with their owners and it’s so funny to know that dogs can read the moods of people.

Dog lovers consider dogs as part of their family and treat them as such, they wouldn’t want any harm to come close to them.

 Howard is a dog lover who owns Jackson, a cure English Mastiff. She was alarmed even she saw marks on the cutie’s body, she was puzzled and often wondered what happened. She had to take a closer look at the dog, she wouldn’t come up with an explanation and concluded the dog might be bug-infested.

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She took Jackson to a vet. as she wanted to be on the safer side and that’s when she learned the truth which left her breathless. Jackson was shot 27 times with a BB gun while staying in the backyard.

The pellets and bullets were successfully extracted from Jackson’s body and worst still the shooting was down in a close range. It’s a miracle that Jackson survived.

Howard mentioned that the dog has always been a peace-loving dog, it never went after people or was aggressive. He is always sitting alone in the backyard and the dog is so shy even when with her. No one has ever complained about the poor thing and it baffles her that someone will do that to him.

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A bullet went under his eyelid and he could have been blinded, she said with tears. She offered a $500 reward for anyone who can provide the awful person that did that to her baby. Jackson was given pain killers and other medications that can ease his pain and injuries.

Tim Woodward was arrested shortly after the incident, as the 44-year old was linked to the incident. The police found meth, paraphernalia, and marijuana in his possession.

Everyone was relieved when the culprit was apprehended as the poor thing got justice finally.

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