Five-year-old boy survives vicious dog attack only to be referred to as a “monster” in public

Ryder Wells, who is only five years old, has already experienced more terror than most people do in a lifetime.

Despite all odds, a teenage North Carolina resident who was visiting family for Thanksgiving in 2015 survived a vicious attack by two rottweilers.

He was only 21 months old when he was assaulted by the two 100-pound dogs. His teeth were smashed, he lost half of his face, broke his arm, and his lung was perforated.


His family did not believe he would live, but this little fighter survived, and he has since need 50 or so surgery.

The bravery of this adorable young boy in surviving such a horrendous attack is not being celebrated; rather, he is now the target of insulting remarks from both youngsters and adults.

Even the grownups would gaze at Ryder when he first started school, according to his teaching assistant.

Mom Brittany told The Mirror newspaper, “When we go to the park, there’s a kid who points and screams’monster’ at him before fleeing away.”

“Someone yelled “ew” at him the other day while he was out shopping. After everything he’s been through, it’s difficult and breaks my heart to see others being rude about something he can’t control.


However, he is such a fighter that he never lets anything stop him.

Ryder’s survival is referred to be a “miracle” because even his doctors didn’t think he would live.

The Granite Falls mother, age 31, is now terrified of her kid starting school.

He has a cap, spectacles, and occasionally hangs his head to cover his face. But I just remind him every day that he is lovely, that being unique is lovely, and that it’s okay to be unique.

“I just reassure him as much as I can, but I’m dreading the day he starts school. There are always going to be a few unkind children.

She now wants to spread awareness about the negative consequences bullying can have on someone who has a facial deformity in the hopes that Ryder’s tale may prompt others to reconsider how they treat individuals who are different from them.


To ensure that kids like Ryder get the happy lives they deserve, we must teach our youngsters to be nice and not to make fun of people who appear different.

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