Grieving parents reveal how they had to make their own cold cot using bags of frozen peas so they could spend time with their son who died aged 12 days

Using bags of frozen peas, a grieving couple created their own cooling cot so they could say goodbye to their 12-day-old baby boy when he passed away.

Thomas Taylor, the son of Alice and Sam Taylor, experienced a heart arrest on November 22, 2017, following the onset of a viral illness.

Sam and Alice Taylor, 29 and 27 respectively, welcomed their son Thomas into the world last November, but the baby boy tragically passed away at 12 days old

The baby’s parents, from Prenton, Wirral, told The Mirror that they wanted to take the newborn home in a cuddling cot so they could spend time with him before the funeral after the baby unfortunately died upon arrival at Alder Hey.

Thomas suffered a cardiac arrest after his mother noticed he wasn’t feeding as well as before and had a temperature

A cuddle cot is a cooling device that keeps a dead infant cool for up to five days while allowing families time to be with their babies and for distant family members to get to know them.

On the advise of the hospital personnel, Alice, 27, and Sam, 29, had to make their own since none were available. This allowed the family time to say their final goodbyes.

The couple praised the staff at The Snowdrop Suite at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, who they say supported them throughout their grief

Alice recalled sitting in the Asda parking lot with Thomas in her arms and waiting for Sam to come out, calling the scene “bizarre.”

The former instructor continued, “I could have held him forever,” and “I never wanted [the trip home] to end.”

The couple have set up a GoFundMe page to start fundraising for The Snowdrop Suite in order to help buy more equipment – and in particular, a second cuddle cot

Alice argued that even though the pair was in an unusual situation, it felt right to return Thomas to his rightful place at home.

She claimed it gave her and Sam opportunity to spend priceless moments with their young son before burying him.

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